The Power of How: A journal about The Alexander Technique and Movement


Good morning everyone! I hope this post finds you with loved ones, safe and sound, fed, clothed and dry. I’m just sending this out to you all, a little love letter, to myself and to you! I’m truly grateful at times like this (post Hurricane Sandy) to have my Alexander Technique skills. I’m enjoying a little lie-down before going out to make sure our car was not scrushed by a tree. It’s delaying me a little bit, but I feel so much better now. I didn’t even really know how stressed out I had become from listening to the wind pound at my building last night!

There is truly never a bad time to lie down, soften into gravity, into the support of the mass of the earth. She may huff and puff and swirl, but her mass remains the same, constant, and all it takes is a few minutes of getting down on the floor and breathing easy to make me feel whole and calm, in this moment right now, anyways.

You don’t have to know the Alexander Technique to enjoy a little lie-down! Just put a book under your head so that your neck and spine are supported, and let your back widen into the support of the floor. You can put your legs over a chair if your lower back feels like it needs the support. Then just enjoy the easy movement or your breath. Even 5 minutes is fantastic.

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