The Power of How: A journal about The Alexander Technique and Movement


My friend Jason Poole taught me how to do a simple writing exercise called “object writing” – it only takes 8 minutes, you pick an object and write about it using all of your senses. I used what Jason had taught me to write about my experiences using my Launching Pad ™ and the Alexander Technique:

“Face down rolling, round face it feels so good to soothe my head, touch forehead to floor and my whole back opens like wings, fascia and tendon becoming friends. White fascia white bones blood flowing into space allowed. Smells like iron, like grass and bitter dirt and twigs and dust so light, the dust on the wing of a butterfly. The wing feels protected from time by dust…dust like skin that gets old, falls away. Shedding skins of habit by flying into the floor. Turn of the tip of my wing. Tastes like fresh air, crystal clear and endless and unknown. Prone, face down feet down, back flying. Kite to be lifted by gravity, not by me. No work to do, just turn without lifting. One part closes so another can open. Back opens to fold and unfold. Flute of the spiral follows a lift that comes out of nowhere, from deep underneath, spreading to lift widening to lift, closing like an octopus closes only to extend, lengthens itself only to open again unceasing. Prone. Primative, before language, underneath instinct and habit and stories is the memory of twisting through water, quieting to let the body slowly drift to the ocean floor.”

Here are some pictures:

launchingpad4_small copy

launchingpad3_small copy

IMG_1395 copy

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