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I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing some of my work with colleagues at a national conference next weekend! If you are in Chicago, there will be a forum open to the general public on Alexander Technique and integrative medicine. Iʻll post a link to that soon. Meantime, here is the info on my workshop for Alexander Technique teachers and students:

American Society for the Alexander Technique National Conference, Chicago IL

June 26 – 30, 2013


Prone as a Procedure: Micro-spiraling to lengthen and widen from the ground into standing

Thursday 1:30 – 4:30

Saturday 9 – 12


This workshop will be about the benefits of working in a prone, or face down relationship to the floor. For me, prone is one of the major innovations of the Dart Process work initiated by Joan and Alex Murray. Many people avoid this position because our noses and necks can get crunched, so Iʻve invented a support that I call The Launching Pad that Iʻve found to be incredibly helpful in alleviating those discomforts. Iʻll share some of the simple, playful practices that Iʻve discovered through the process of healing my own related shoulder and hip injuries. You will learn ways to use prone as a support for widening your own back, ways to access your natural rotational freedom within the AT frame work of inhibition, awareness, and direction, and ways to just have fun and improvise with the natural spiraling movements that support us as we rise to standing or release back into the support of gravity. I use prone to begin and end my teaching day often, and I also use it as a possible alternative to supine constructive rest for many of my students.

launchingpad3_small copy

June 21st, 2013 • 2 Comments


  1. Hi Clare, I’m very interested in the work you’re doing with the floor procedures and prone. I use prone (and other floor procedures I find interesting) with literally all of my students numerous times during their course of lessons. I’ve experimented for several years now and I’d be fascinated to pick your brain a little. Unfortunately, I’m not free at the time your workshop is offered. See you in Chicago!

    Comment by Brian McCullough on June 22, 2013

  2. Hey Brian –

    Iʻm intrigued! Letʻs see if we can find a time to play a little. Iʻm free between 4:30 and dinner on most days – not sure if I will have the brain space for the public forum on Friday but would really like to go. My cell is 718.243.2720 if you donʻt see me anywhere!

    Comment by Clare Maxwell on June 22, 2013

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