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I’ve been trying to write an honest post about my fabulous achievements in 2013….and despite a year of many difficulties, here they are:

I’m living my dream making a living as a movement educator, and I’ve re-discovered that learning and teaching through movement is my greatest passion.

I launched my new website and my new product the Launching Pad is now for sale online.

I shared my work for the first time at the national Alexander Technique conference in Chicago this past June.

I wrote a monthly blog post faithfully and made contact with alot of new people.

I learned many new hula (dances) and mele (songs), and finished a year of learning beginning ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi.

My biggest achievement, though, is REALLY that I developed and faithfully carried out my own daily movement and mindfullness practice. I do it ALMOST every day. And because of that, I feel stronger, more in tune with myself, and more in touch with what is really important to me. Because of that I am almost pain free for the first time in about 10 years. I can’t tell you how good that feels! Itʻs physical, but it is also emotional. Very emotional! And, because I keep strumming my ʻukelele, and learning new songs, my voice is stronger and I can express all that emotion more clearly. Mahalo for that!

I would like to thank the following artists, bodyworkers, and movement educators who made contributions to my learning this year, and whose influence is woven into my daily practice:


– Deborah Gladstein

– Shelley Senter

– Joan and Alex Murray

– Ron Lavine

– George Russell

– Jason Poole

– Doug Alexander

– Marie Stroud

– The ladies of Na Lehua Melemele (a hula group or hui), and my Hawaiian language teacher Bryson Embernate

Much love,



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