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I just came across this super cool guy who likes to spend his time balancing rocks. You probably already saw him on Facebook.

Finally – someone else as focused as I am on balancing! This is how I start every warm up that I teach, every working session, every private lesson. By attending first to my own balancing, and then to include my student’s balancing in my awareness and to help them refine their ability to remain in a “state of balancing” as much as possible.

Balancing has healing properties, integrative properties, communicative properties, and calming properties. Sitting in meditation is just one kind of balancing but there are many others. Balancing is an energizing process of relating to the mass of the earth. It’s how we spend every moment of every day. It’s as much a natural part of our expression, our communication with one another, as words are. Lying flat on our backs, or walking, running, and rolling – we are always balancing.

This is what I explore in my Effortless Warm Up Class at Balance Arts every Thursday 6-7! If you would like to find out more, shoot me an email.





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