Summer Dart Procedures Working Groups in NYC


I am leading a series of workshops for Alexander Technique teachers, teachers in training, and for students of the Alexander Technique who are curious about the Dart Procedures. THERE ARE STILL A FEW SPOTS LEFT ON AUGUST 13 AND AUGUST 20th! See info below.

PLEASE NOTE that these classes are not designed for people who are totally new to the Technique; however I am basically interested in helping ANYONE and EVERYONE who would like to be more familiar with the Dart work to get their feet wet and have some fun with it.  If you are interested but are a newcomer to the Alexander work, just shoot me an email or call me.

The Dart Procedures are an evolving sequence of carefully executed developmental movements that Professor Raymond Dart created after having lessons in the Alexander Technique in 1943. Professor Dart cooperated with and inspired Joan and Alex Murray’s ongoing investigation into these movements as they relate to the Alexander Technique. The procedures bring a spiraling, three dimensional quality to the Alexander Technique that is very enlivening, promoting integrative mobility in ways that can be adapted for each individual student.

I decided to form these workshops after the recent Freedom to Move conference in NYC. There was so much excitement in the community following the conference, and I felt I could really help my colleagues continue with the discoveries they were making since I’ve been engaged in an intensive study of this work for the past 7 years.

location: Balance Arts, 34 West 28th Street
July 30, 5 – 8 pm FULL
August 6, 5 – 8 pm FULL
August 13, 5 – 8 pm (TWO SPOTS LEFT)
August 20, 5 – 8 pm (TWO SPOTS LEFT)

Cost: $75 per 3 hour workshop/$75 for private lessons for workshop participants only.

 Clare working with Rachel Bernsen at the conference


Alex Murray, co-creator of the Dart Procedures, giving a talk at the conference

Alex_Dart 2014

Alex working with Rebecca Brooks


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