The Power of How: A journal about The Alexander Technique and Movement

Jump Start, Jump Turn, Jump Twirl your practice: Exploring The Dart Procedures for Alexander Teachers


Cost: $350

Saturday 9:30  –  12:30 Group Workshop, 1:30 – 6 private lessons
Sunday 11 – 5 Group Workshop, 1 hour lunch

If you want to discover new energy and dynamism in your teaching, come join us for this workshop encouraging a multi-dimensional, experimental perspective on the Alexander Technique. If you are feeling a little stuck or confused in your teaching, this is the perfect workshop! We will be:

  • Exploring the procedures themselves in the chair and on the floor, using this kinesthetic experience as a reference for how we use our hands in our work.
  • Reading and discussing Raymond Dart: Postural Aspect of Malocclusion.
  • Exploring the innervation of our skin (dermatomes) and it’s relationship to how we experience our own movement and how we use our hands in our work.
  • Any other topics that participants with to explore!
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