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I am really quite excited to be able to share with you the release of a new, excellent tool for ENDING BACK PAIN! Dr. Jack Stern M.D., a NYC Neurosurgeon, has written this incredibly thorough book based in his many years of experience as both a doctor and as a back pain sufferer himself.

As an Alexander Technique teacher, I would say that at least 75% of the students who decide to work with me are dealing with some form of back or neck pain.

This is an incredibly vague diagnosis, however. Many of these people are just on the beginning of a long journey to find the source of their pain and get better. Many of them will be dealing with one or more kinds of doctor as we work together to look at how they move and how that may be contributing to their pain.

This book is something that I will now either recommend, or just GIVE, to everyone who walks through my door with “back pain.” Here is an overview of the contents, and Alexander Technique is only one part (though a very powerful one!) of a much bigger picture:

  • Step One: Unlock your back’s unique pain code
  • Step Two: Prepare to work with health care professionals
  • Step Three: Ensure proper diagnosis
  • Step Four: Embrace various pathways to healing
  • Step Five: Live a life that supports a strong, healthy back

Here is a link to information about the book.

If you have back pain, please don’t hesitate. Read it and begin your journey of healing!



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