The Power of How: A journal about The Alexander Technique and Movement


It hit me like a ton of bricks today. I’m a part of a business coaching process, and I was working with a partner on how to communicate with people who need my services.

She used a word that makes me want to throw up: “nourish.”

This word is much used in our coaching process, and it always makes me feel ill, I confessed to her. I had been keeping this a secret. I am so independent, and I conflate independence and working hard with EXCELLENCE. I only rest easily if I have worked hard first. And yet, talking to her, I realized how totally committed she is to self care, and how that dedication to self care was perfectly reflected also in her dedication to her art (dance). They were one and the same thing.

Everything in my life has led me to this understanding, and yet I am so much a part of the culture I was raised in that I still have those old attitudes about success in me, on a cellular level! O well. I can say I’m much better at self care than I used to be, and that’s good enough for me. The Alexander Technique is what gave me the tools to understand, really, what self-care is: something that I can do in this moment, right now. Doesn’t depend on anyone else, though I can ask for help and make time for it. It has to do with how I am, in my body, right now. It’s up to me.

It’s always a relief to identify and let go of old ideas. SO GLAD I caught this one sneaking up on me today! Hope it helps you let go too.

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