The moving human body has always been a source of wonder to me. We can all have a meaningful and joyful connection to our bodies and a natural trust in our own physical intelligence, but it often gets trained out of us. I’m dedicated helping you find a way back. My work maximizes joy and minimizes pain, helping each student to find movement pathways free of discomfort. I have a profound faith in human resilience and in the Alexander Technique as a means of accessing that resilience, based on 33 years of study and 19 years of teaching.

I trained in many different techniques before I made the choice to dedicate myself to the Alexander work. My standards for myself as a performer were extremely high, to the point of being physically destructive. The Alexander work was the perfect antidote to my own skewed attitudes and misunderstandings about how to achieve “excellence.” The Technique became the foundation upon which I built a sustainable career as an independent dance artist and is the basis of my daily practice to this day.

I am certified as a teacher by The American Society for the Alexander Technique, have served on the board and various committees for many years. I completed my training at The American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York City and taught on the volunteer faculty there for 10 years. I have a post-graduate certificate from Alexander Teacher Jessica Wolf in The Art of Breathing, and have done extensive post-graduate work in the Dart Procedures with Joan and Alex Murray, Marie Stroud, and Luc Vanier. I have a private practice near Madison Square Park in Manhattan and teach Alexander based movement classes for anyone who wants to dance. I also share the Alexander principles with other body workers and therapists who are passionate about living a joyfully embodied life.

How did I first encountered the Alexander Technique and why do I teach it?

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What is special about Clare?


I use the Dart Procedures to help you re-balance tension in your musculature and reset the balance between the spine’s forward (secondary) and backward (primary) curves, which may have become compressed or rigid from long-held habits of use. The Dart work has also strongly influenced the way I use my hands to guide your awareness during lessons.

Read more about Raymond Dart (PDF)
Read more about The Dart Process (PDF)

THE LAUNCHING PAD™ is a tool I invented to help other Alexander teachers and students use a prone, or face down position. The pad supports the primary thoracic curve and makes it very comfortable to lie on stomach or back, even if you have a neck or shoulder injury. I also use the Launching Pad for table work unique to my practice, and to encourage people to practice the Dart Procedures, a sequence of movements of which prone is an important part.

Please contact me if you would like to order your own Launching Pad™.


There is nothing more important to your quality of life than breathing. Breathing transfers energy from oxygen in the air to your bloodstream. It keeps you alive. During the time it takes you to peruse this website, up to eight gallons of blood will flow through your heart and brain and lungs brain so that you can understand what you are reading. You wouldn’t be able to stop breathing if you tried. To simply be aware of the ongoing movement of breath in your body throughout the day is a great gift. Breath is life itself.

Every Alexander lesson at its most basic level is about coordinating the use of your body with the need for breath. The whole reason to move in a spacious and efficient way is to breathe as freely as possible, getting maximum effect and energy with minimum effort, at rest or in action. If it meets your needs, I will focus more deeply on respiratory function and vocal production. Find out more about the Art of Breathing, in which I am certified.