I will now be teaching private lessons in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on Fridays between 1 – 4 pm.

If you know someone who lives in this beautiful, but somewhat isolated and far-from-Manhattan neighborhood who you think would like to learn more about the Alexander Technique, please steer them my way! There is a sweet mention in the local press too!

The pictures show my living room, and the view from my windows….

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Is the Alexander Technique just wishful thinking? Yup!


The difference between an Alexander Technique based movement class, and a typical movement class, is that the teacher is very skilled in holding the thought: “the possibilities are not limited” when it comes to movement, even when if flies in the face of your belief, their belief, and everyone elseʻs belief. For me, this framework for movement is based on many repeated experiences witnessing students change their thinking first, and then seeing their movement reflect that change effortlessly. I love the look of surprise, the laughter after that moment! The “Alexander” belief system is an open, rather than closed, ecosystem. It’s wishful thinking in the best way.

Want to find out more? Come experience my Effortless Warm-Up class:


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There are business coaches, creativity coaches, voice coaches, speech coaches, …….if a person has trouble speaking clearly, they go to a speech specialist. If they are blocked in their creativity, they go to a creativity coach.  You get the idea. But what about folks who want to move gracefully, but feel or have been told they look clumsy?

A few years ago, a friend of mine who is involved in the production of Broadway shows at a very high level mentioned to me that a certain famous actor in a certain broadway show was sticking out from all the others because he did not have much “training” as an actor. I said, how can you tell? She said, well, he moves….blocky and stiff, clumsy. His movement looks different from everyone else. He just doesn’t have the “flexibility”. And I said, well, why doesn’t the show hire an Alexander Teacher to coach him with his movement? And of course, you know what she said: “what’s the Alexander Technique?” And I said, it’s basically a way of returning a person to naturally coordinated and easy movement. A Movement Coach. She said, I’ve never heard of a movement coach before! So – no bite. Because there is no such thing.

And it killed me. Because I know that ease of movement is a choice we can learn to make, whereas flexibility is just about genetics – something you can’t change. This actor had untapped potential that has nothing to do with flexibility, he just didn’t know it.

So I decided to change my “title”! I am a coach who can help you access coordinated, graceful movement relatively quickly, without you having to study a particular movement form (which can take years) or change your genetic makeup. Help me make “Movement Coach” a household word!

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