“Doing a Mobilignment™ class with Clare is like having a dolphin encounter with your own body!” – Allison H., class member

Mobilignment™ Class every Monday & Wednesday Mornings, 9:00 – 10:15 EDT, $20 register here. Free your body, breath, and imagination in movement.

Mobilignment™ is a practice which enlivens deep, ongoing postural support with fluidity and ease inspired by my many years dancing and teaching the Alexander Technique.

In these classes we play with developmental & improvised movement. We use Awareness Preludes and Mobilignment™ Points to get ourselves warmed up and into a dance state. Music helps us let go of what holds us back. Class is followed by a 10 minute meditation that helps you transition into your day.

Adaptable postural tone, strength, better balance, and articulate, expressive movement are cultivated through the practice – even online. Mobilignment™ provides a simple, clear structure for how we engage with movement that is physically freeing rather than restrictive and can be adapted to your unique needs easily. It supports you in achieving your most expressive movement potential without compromising your wellbeing.

6 Month Online Educators Facilitated Mastermind Begins January 2021. Go here to get more information and sign up for a free interview. Get the support of a small curated group of innovative embodiment teachers, integrate Mobilignment™ into your already brilliant teaching to get better results online and build a thriving business. 


Do you dream of enjoying your body more?

Are you tired of feeling stiff, tight, and sore all the time?

Are you a dance or yoga teacher feeling burned out on Zoom, but still needing to expand that part of your teaching to survive?

Are you a teacher looking for ways to help your students overcome poor self image and body dysmorphia?

Can’t get to a good dance class?

Do you move with a disability that exercise classes don’t make room for? 

Does an old injury take away your joy in movement? 




Mazen Hamza & Izabella Jundzill: American Smooth Ballroom Champions, Coaches, and Adjudicators:

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being part of the Mazen & Izabella American Smooth Ballroom Camp! Everyone loved your classes and private lessons – you were a great addition.”


Tracy Lombardo Simon, Dancer

“Your session at the 2020 Mazen & Izabella American Smooth Ballroom Camp was incredibly helpful!! I could have spent an entire day learning from you!”


Katie Fittipaldi: Cellist, Music Teacher, Alexander Teacher

“I can easily use the points in any teaching situation. I understand the Alexander concepts in a deeper way myself, and I trust my sense of ease more – it’s given me confidence in my own use. I always like to be playful and creative in my music teaching and using the Mobilignment™ points facilitates that. The students don’t become serious and fixed about paying attention to themselves, and they come to conclusions on their own, naturally, without me having to point things out. Using the points invites full participation from them and I love that!”


Mary R, dancer:

“Clare has a playful, radical spirit, and a contagious curiosity. She is eager to share her extensive knowledge and skilled at adapting lesson plans to fit the interests of class participants. I’d be there every week if I could!”


Margaret Coote, Musician and Music Educator:

“The quality of my movement definitely changes when I use the Mobilignment points. I notice that everything gets looser and freer. There is more space. My limbs can balance off of my torso. If I get overwhelmed or confused in my activities, I return to the first 2 points for the head and neck. I enjoy these especially when lifting weights (where I have to be very specific about my movement so that I don’t hurt myself), doing yoga (keeping me engaged, allowing my movement to get consistently better), and playing my instruments (violin, viola, piano).”


Pam, Health Care Consultant:

“Thank you very much for the wonderful classes – nothing I have tried for my wide range of muscle tension ailments has given me this kind of relief or this degree of optimism. You have provided a way forward and a practice and I am extremely grateful – I’d had no idea of what the hell I was going to do about my increasingly unhappy body.”


Michael Hanko, Singing and Alexander Technique Teacher:

“Clare’s brilliance is a combination of deep intellectual rigor and accessibility. She explains complex anatomical points in a casual and easily understood style that conveys not only practical and useful knowledge, but also her joy in the process of self-discovery. She uses simple language and an easily applied awareness to dramatically shift the way one’s body moves. I found that, within seconds, I had accessed ease of movement and grace… and was having a darn good time of it!”